Preparation for ACT Test

What is the ACT Test?


Preparation for ACT TestIt might very well be the number one most important test of your entire life. The fact of the matter is that your performance on the ACT test will determine where you go to college, whether you can be approved to take on your chosen major, what classes you’ll start college off with, and how much money you can make into your future. Teachers and tutors always stress that all manner of careers are now asking what kinds of scores you received.

Preparation for the ACT test or ACT Prep, or ACT practice, has become more important than ever, and learning the specific skills necessary for each of the four parts of the test is easily one of the least-stressed aspects of scholastic education. However, a simple focus on what you need to know in order to be prepared for the ACT ahead of time can be of immense help.

Most importantly first find out what date your ACT Test will be held on, so you can plan you ACT study.


For the English section, you need to remember two basic ideas about answer choice. The “No Change” response is correct for about one out of every four or five answers, and the “Omit” response is correct more than half of the time it is offered. Taking those two choices into account, you can guess answer choices from questions for which you’re unsure without many problems. In addition, it is important to review comma rules, since comma questions are the most common type of question that is asked on these tests.


For the mathematics section, you should know that while the ACT company itself isn’t going to tell you that diagrams are accurate, for the most part, they are, and if you have no better options, which should always be exhausted first, you can use them to try and guess your way to the answer. In addition, try thinking about the problems realistically instead of boiling them down to numbers. If you see answers that indicate that people are driving cars at 400 miles per hour, eliminate them, since they will only give you problems with realistic answers.

Reading and Science

The reading section is all about time management, and how fast you can read the passage while maintaining strong comprehension. Learn to speed read, and you’ll be well set to do well.

Finally, the science section, which people usually underestimate. For this section, make absolutely sure that you are careful in looking at the graphs, because these are actually very simple questions, but are made harder because of the fact that you’re tired out after taking all of the other sections. For the harder questions, always look for the evidence that is going to push you towards the correct answer. It’s always there, and just because one answer choice looks good, it might not be the one which the evidence supports.

Practice for the ACT Test!

No matter what, the number one tip for the test is that you must practice for the ACT Test!  Grab an ACT practice book and an ACT study guide and get to work! If you don’t, you won’t be able to unleash these techniques when you need them, they’ll simply stay in your head as theoretical knowledge.