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Facing And Dealing With Student Struggles

student struggles


What techniques can help when student struggles in reading? Some high school students come to us with a fifth-grade speed reading level. Others come to us without the basic knowledge of multiplication. A student walked into my classroom the other day, and couldn’t point out South America on a world map.


As a teacher, it’s of the utmost importance that all students in my classroom succeed. Even those who are significantly behind where they should be. Thanks to the dual problems of grade inflation and social promotion. Students are more likely than ever to be advanced in grade despite serious deficiencies in their schoolwork. This makes the more-advanced-than-ever-curriculum of a standard high school cause all kinds of stress and difficulties for your everyday student. Can a teacher do and get these students engaged in learning? While every student is certainly different, studies have shown that a strong individual effort made by caring teachers is often more than enough to get the job done.


What Can You Do to Combat Student Struggles

My first suggestion is to make sure to give them appropriate work for their ability. It’s often necessary to give them a battery of tests that will show you at a glance who is lacking the basic skills necessary to do well in your class. Take the short amount of time to speed read their facial expressions after you’ve demonstrated an idea to see if they follow. And if possible, write down what you see as far as clues.


Once you have identified these students, work one-on-one with them as much as possible. While peer tutoring is great, recognize that these students have a tendency to be resistant to this because it exposes their “stupidity” to others. Instead, assign them fewer problems from the standard homework set, and instead give them something more appropriate to teaching them the remedial skills they need to succeed. You must always keep them involved in the lesson somehow, and still give them participation points and homework from the current level of coursework, but you need to tailor it to their particular set of abilities if you plan on having them find any kind of success whatsoever.


Start Slowly with Struggling Students

While the idea of giving individualized homework and lower-difficulty lessons and problems has merits, it often doesn’t accelerate as quickly as it needs to in order to get lower-achieving students up to speed with the rest of the class. When this fails to happen, you often end up teaching at such a lower level that you might as well end up planning for a whole extra class during your day. In addition, you’ll struggle during grade time, since it’s hard to assign a student a grade in high school level US history when you were covering most of the major topics at a 7th grade level.


In order to get all of your students on board with the program, start with developing their basic skills. A student struggles usually because it requires a significant amount of review on every subject before it becomes a part of their knowledge base. Particularly, with basic skills like increasing reading comprehension, so review with them early and often. Once you’ve made the jump into current lessons, make sure to still help them through their review work as well. Otherwise they may simply lose it.


Speed Reading Techniques That Can Help You With In College

Speed reading should be taught to every single teenager on their way to college. Unfortunately, too many students are sent away without this necessary component of their schooling. Therefore, a student struggles with keeping up with their work throughout the semester.


In college, you need to read so much more than you ever did in high school. Oftentimes, you’ll find that you need to complete some short essay and read entire novels on a week’s end. This causes many of the common problems that most students have with their college life. Namely, that they have a tendency to get behind and eventually stop reading all of their required books. When that happens, many students simply shrug off the learning and studying all together. However, this is a terrible way to go about learning new materials in school. And, it will start to catch up with you quickly.

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