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The Dyslexia Brain

dyslexia brain

The Dyslexia Brain

Modern medical technology allows us to do more and more research into the world of education. With the help of PET and CAT scans, we can take pictures of the brain. And, one of the most interesting results of brain imaging has come from studying the minds of the dyslexics.

A normal person with no learning disability has a brain that has unequally sized hemispheres. We each have a dominant hemisphere which we use more than the other. This has been linked to your preferred hand, your desired way of working and learning, and your interests. In the dyslexic person’s brain, the left and right sides are generally similarly sized. Scientists are fairly sure help to predict whether a person has or does not have this disability.

A brain scan maybe a good first step to take if you are worried about whether your child, or even yourself is dyslexic. There are also various dyslexia tests available, even online.


Modern Dyslexia Treatment

Thankfully, we seem to know and understand a lot more about the complications of dyslexia now than before. The effects of this learning disability will continue to haunt children throughout their lives, and causes not only educational difficulties, but social, economic, and employment difficulties as well.

It is not true that dyslexic children (dyslexia brain) are stupid. They are well aware of how the world perceives them. This often leads to low self-esteem, a low drive to succeed, and an emotional disconnect from their peers. Some parents don’t even understand the toll that this learning disability takes on them, and constantly challenges their desires for doing schoolwork in the traditional way, or berates them for failing in school despite their significant learning handicap.

Teachers too are susceptible for some aspects of the problem, though it is typically they who refer students for a student’s dyslexia test.

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