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speed reading tips

Speed Reading Tips – Solutions Made Easy

There is a plain, simple solution to a lot of your daily problems in business, and in your everyday life. Learning the basic techniques of speed reading could easily have a major impact on the way you do business every single day.

The simple fact is that the number one thing that you have to do everyday is to read. It appears as a part of all kinds of various jobs in all kinds of careers, from email checking to scientific research, from reading recipes to make food to learning about new kinds of cancer treatments in a medical science journal.

Learning speed reading techniques, however, is not always easy. If you were to learn photoreading, for instance, you would be wasting your time on a parlor trick instead of a useful method of memorization. It would be fantastic if it actually worked, but unfortunately, it doesn’t.


Speed Reading Tips are all over the place

meta guiding speed readingMeta-guiding is one of the most common techniques in speed reading. This involves using a pointing device, like a pen or pencil, to guide your eye in the reading process.

This technique is a great way to get ahead since a majority of the population lets their inner voice tell them how fast to read. Sub-vocalization, or the use of the inner voice in reading, is one of the worst ways you can possibly read. It will really slow you down when you try to do it.

However, if you use meta-guiding to combat this reading technique, then you’ll have a great advantage. The fact is, sub-vocalization is one of the most difficult aspects of reading to overcome, and meta-guiding can help you. Sub-vocalization isn’t good to your reading habits. Since it keeps you from spot-reading, which is where you identify words based on sight instead of sounding them out. When you use the trick of meta-guiding, you avoid all of these problematic outcomes, making your reading faster and much more fluent.