QuickEye Speed Reading Review


QuickEye Speed Reading Review

Our Very Own QuickEye Speed Reading Review


QuickEye is a fairly new speed reading program that has recently hit the market. Being the newest kid on the block; it’s fast, user-friendly, and offers a variety of options for the user in their quest to learn how to speed-read. With the video-tutorials, written ebooks and the whole package that’s included in this bundle, it seems like a good deal, but is it worth the price? Read our QuickEye Speed Reading Review before you decide.

Here at Free Speed Reading, we’ve known and loved Speed Reader X for the better part of five years now. We’ve sworn by it, and are only now starting to notice how repetitive the lessons and the practice material are coming though. With Quick Eye Speed Reading, we’re hoping to get something a little different that hopefully offers us something new to complement what we’ve already got.

With QuickEye, the very first thing we noticed was the updated user interface; which is far superior to what you’ll get with the slightly older Speed Reader X. It’s fresh, and doesn’t overwhelm or confuse you. You are offered the opportunity to go in-depth into the lessons, to practice specific skills, or to test and set your benchmarks, which is probably the first thing you should do before starting this program.

Lessons are presented through videos, in which the author clearly describes and shows the technique he’s hoping you’ll learn. And then practice is offered in which you are tested.

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