EyeQ Review

EyeQ is one of the more popular names in speed reading software today. It has sold well over half a million copies worldwide, and is considered by many to be the coup de grace of all speed reading programs. However, when it comes down to it, this is a program that we at free speed reading do not endorse, and you can read why in this EyeQ Review.

EyeQ Review – Overview

EyeQ is a very unique piece of software. It basically revolutionized the use of “eye exercises” which are the program’s foundation, requiring you to move your eyes in various patterns back and forth across the screen to follow the progression of a small icon. The idea is simple – you’re building up your eye muscles, and that must be important in a skill that primarily uses your eyes – but one major flaw is occurring in that logic.

Speed reading is not a physical skill; it is a mental skill more than anything. Sure, your eyes are an important part of the process, but it is the brain that is decoding the messages, and that is the primary tool that should be built up.

EyeQ Review – How it works

At the end of five minutes of chasing an icon around the screen, you will start to get a headache, and you may even develop an eye strain that will follow you around no matter where you go. That’s all that EyeQ’s eye exercises are going to do for you.

The rest of the program is actually fairly useful. There are some different reading speed activities that you can do, and at the end of each “lesson” you’ll find a test which measures your progress as you’ve gone through it. Again, though EyeQ is lacking in teaching you real techniques. There are no instructional videos. In fact, there’s very little instruction whatsoever. You don’t get any comprehension techniques, and you don’t get any reading speed techniques in there either. If anything, the software has a few exercises, such as the one in which sentences fly by at a reading speed two or three times as fast as you can handle, which actually seem to teach you that comprehension is not important, and that only eye movement is. This is a major flaw of the program.

As such, we do not recommend the EyeQ software one bit, as you can probably tell based on our EyeQ Review. It is more expensive than it’s competitors, and it doesn’t even work as well.