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Haven’t got time to read it all? Our personal favorite is Speed Reader X. You can learn more from actually using the techniques after you learn about them from the pages on this site. This software will have a basic theoretical lesson. Then follow it up by incrementally more difficult challenges that help you utilize them.

QuickEye is similar to Speed Reader X, but it is more expensive, and not as comprehensive. The lessons are good, the practice is acceptable! But for the price, you might as well go with our #1 choice.


Subliminal Speed Reading

Speed Reading Reviews

This program is actually an audio track. It’s purpose is not to help teach you speed reading, but to break down the subliminal blocks that prevent you from reading quickly. If you know the techniques of speed reading, like you can find for free on my site, or through the Speed Reader X Program, then you should try this if you’re not seeing any real results. Speed reading is a mental process rather than a physical one, so don’t avoid this solution since it isn’t something you can see working.

This is a very popular item here!



Tony Buzan’s Speed Reading

This book dates from 1991 which was written by an expert on self-development and mind mapping. Full Review. Unfortunately, we didn’t think that his expertise really translated itself into the realm of speed reading, and at the end of the day, the pen-and-paper exercises he recommends can be much more easily done with software designed for this purpose. Thus, our speed reading reviews for this product score it a little bit lower than most do, but it works well enough for most.


EyeQ Speed Reading Software Review

EyeQ is a speed reading program which focuses on the physical more than the mental side of speed reading.

Unfortunately, that’s not the right way to learn how to effectively speed read. While it may help you at first, you will lose comprehension as you read instead of gaining it, which doesn’t help you one bit. The eye exercises are a decent idea, but at the end of the day, all you might get is a headache.