Tony Buzan “Speed Reading” Review

Tony Buzan is one of the pioneers and more well known authorities in the world of personal development; and now he is becoming well known in the realm of speed reading.

Tony Buzan, who wrote the book “Speed Reading” in 1991, is actually well known for his ideas on mind mapping. This book he wrote on the concept of speed reading is really only famous because it was one of the first of it’s kind; and because he has a certain following in the area of personal development.

Tony Buzan’s “Speed Reading” covers all of the basics that you’ll find (for free) here on my site.

He discusses subvocalization, skimming and scanning (though he uses different terminology); and also writes a little about his mind mapping technique that has recently become pretty famous, especially among school teachers. It is apparent, however, that despite being a relatively well-known guru of self improvement and mental acuity, that Mr. Buzan is not much of an expert on the topic of speed reading.

Sure, he knows the basics and presents them in a clear and concise manner, but he doesn’t give you anything new, or offer many options for practicing, or advice on how to make them work for you. He also fails to really delve into details on these techniques. Sure, the book is filled with occasional “practice passages,” but the rest is largely fluff designed to sell you on the benefits of his other materials – books on notetaking, mind mapping and personal organization, which no doubt help, but are also not necessarily good for helping you read faster. He offers a few speed reading tests in here requiring a stopwatch.But, of course, you can also find that on my site as well (and for free).

At the end, Buzan’s “Speed Reading” is not a book that I would recommend to an everyday audience. It’s a sales pitch, and little else.