Speed Reading Skills for Educators

All kinds of people can make good use of speed reading techniques and speed reading skills. Educators, whether they are tutors, teachers, or administrators, are foremost among them. They might not use their skills for the same purposes as a businessman might; and in fact, that is what makes them so important. Educators are responsible for helping our children grow into productive members of society. If there’s one thing that all education experts agree on, it’s that our nation’s children are getting worse at reading.

So how can teachers and educators make use of speed reading skills?

There are two really good ways to utilize speed reading in a classroom setting. The first method will be very beneficial to grade school teachers who are making use of literature circles in their classes. While the second method is much more appropriate for teaching struggling readers one-on-one.

Speed Reading Skills for Whole-Class Activities

Learning how to read faster allows a teacher to increase the volume of potential novels and pleasure reading books that students can read in their classes. In fact, instead of having some required reading, teachers should be able to open up their reading curriculum to three or four different choices at any one time; allowing students to make the best possible choices in regards to what they would enjoy reading.

The choice factor is allowable now because the teacher will be better able to keep up with knowing something about each book that students are reading, especially since kids’ books are much easier to read than the adult books that they are normally reading. Thus, teachers can still engage each group in meaningful conversations about what the student is reading.

In this case, the speed reading skills in use are more by the teacher. The number of options that are gained here are great for encouraging more reading by students, and really helps to show the students that their teachers love reading as well.

Speed Reading Skills for Struggling Students

Many people are surprised when I tell them that my number one strategy for teaching students who struggle with reading and reading comprehension is to teach them to speed read. If they cannot handle reading at a normal speed, then how are they expected to read even faster?

The human brain is a remarkable tool. If it is under-stimulated, then it has a tendency to get bored, and attention towards the things that you’re doing, regardless of how important they may be to our daily living, sometimes get ignored. Reading, especially for bad readers, is a very tedious task, and regardless of how interesting the material is. However, by teaching them speed reading skills, they will immediately have more success with engaging their brain.


In conclusion, ensuring that speed reading skills are taught by educators around the world is a very important item. Doing this will help their students, and it will help themselves as well.