Speed Reading Courses

We’ve reviewed classes and courses, and we wanted to present our recommendations on speed reading courses so that you’d know what you’re getting into. Some of these courses are cheap – remember you get what you pay for. However, any effort and money expended on reading faster will give great  benefits.

Pick the class that seems right for you, because this investment will teach you an important skill that you’ll be using time and time again in your life, so spend your money wisely.


Speed Reading Courses and Classes


Speed Reader X

Speed Reading CoursesIt is a software application that will help with your speed reading training. The website offers you a free ebook on memory techniques, and a combination of speed reading lessons with practice.

If you purchase the upgraded edition, you also get an additional tutorial on memory techniques in addition to the free guide, which can help somewhat with your comprehension.

Overall, we’d recommend this program highly to those on a tight budget – there are much better options if you have more to spend, but this program is very good for only $40.



Speed Reading Courses


16 Minute Speed Reading Audio Course

Speed Reading Courses

There are quite a few readers of this site who are looking for an audio course, or subliminal course.

This is the only audio course I know about and it’s not very dear but it is very popular.


This is their claim:

If you can spend 16 minutes a day for just 7 days, we GUARANTEE that you’ll be reading 2-5 times FASTER, with better COMPREHENSION and REMEMBERING more – or we’ll Refund you 100% of your purchase price – No Questions Asked




Extreme Speed Reading

This was one of the first speed reading courses we tried, and it’s still one of the best. The sales letter is kind of cheeky, but the program itself is top-notch. Unfortunately, there isn’t any practice software included, so you’ll have to pay extra for that, but the course is packed full of tips and some practice activities to get you started.

Speed Reading Courses

Speed Study Techniques


Speed Reading CoursesThis course is very good for students, as it focuses on speed reading for comprehension, and it shows you some good study techniques for high school and college students who are struggling to keep up with their work.


It is not entirely focused on speed reading, but we felt that the portions that covered reading skills were excellent insofar as showing students how to read quickly and with high comprehension.



Speed Reading Courses

Speed Reading Acceleration Secrets Course

This package comes with four bonus items, speed reading software, reading speed test software, ebook of memory improvement techniques and an other ebook Think & Grow Rich.

At %27 it’s not a huge investment and it will get you started.








Speed Reading University

It’s no secret that I think Howard Berg’s speed reading world record is a little hard to believe.  He claims to read at over 30,000 words per minute, but has only been actually proven to read around 6,000, and that at a 20% comprehension rate.

However, I actually really liked the class he’s put out called Speed Reading University.  Of all of the speed reading classes that I recommend, his is the most expensive, but it’s also the only one with written materials, videos, and a bunch of other opportunities for learning, including a newsletter, a forum, and more.  Don’t believe the hype, but do believe what you can do with this speed reading class.

Speed Reading Courses