Speed Read Programs

Want a speed read programs that actually operates? So do an unmeasurable number of individuals out there who are tired of spending hours on studying up for school exams.  As a person who used to be a slow reader myself, I can honestly count days worth of saved time, through my school years alone, thanks to working with a variety of speed read programs available to you today.

Speed read programs

This have been shown to raise your reading speed from around 240 wpm (the usual American adult’s reading speed) to around 800 words per minute in much less than three month’s time.  This more than triples the speed that many individuals are reading at, with no loss of comprehension.  That can save you hours of study time, and should turn in to a ability that will carry over in to the working world as well.

What you must look for in a speed reading program is significantly of practice exercises, the ability to track your progress as you work through the program, and relevant practice.  You don’t necessarily want to have a program that are going to drill you on “eye exercise” as being helpful alternatives to in truth practicing with texts.  These exercises might support you move your eyes quicker, but they do not aid teach you any of the additional abilities of a speed reader, namely, the capability to process more thoughts and make sense out of those.

Reading strategies applications:

Speed Reader X

This system, which you’ll also see listed under our recommendations for speed reading courses is a two-partner as it consists of practice exercises and tracking through their member’s only page, and they give the tutorials and tips that you’d normally locate only in a speed reading course. Again, there are significantly better options if you have the money, but even only as is, the Speed Reader X course is just $40 if you purchase all of the upgrades (and $30 if you get only the speed reading computer software), and that’s an excellent price.

16 Minute Speed Reading Audio – If you know the basics, and simply cannot get a handle on implementing them, then I would recommend this program. It’s similar to those vocabulary building programs which you play when you fall asleep, where you’ll wake up knowing new words. I think it works pretty well, though it’s certainly not for everyone.

QuickEye Speed Reading

This software is a little more basic than what you get from Speed Reader X, but it’s got a lot going for it. There are lessons and practice activities that are pretty good, and it includes a virtual library of good speed reading advice.


This is the program that has the prestige of being called the quite a few widely employed computer programs program for teaching speed reading. Utilized by Educate, Inc. and Sylvan Learning Centers in their study capabilities program to support students study the tips they teach. In general, this is decent applications, but every it does is track your progress, it doesn’t have any lessons to teach you anything about speed reading. While it’s an acceptable method, we do not think that it is your best option. Given that it costs more than both of the top two solutions, we would commend that you look elsewhere.


EyeQ speed reading software is pretty a whole lot a waste of your time. This computer programs is entirely concentrated on giving you “eye exercises” which are supposed to assist you learn to take in more information easily. In reality, the just thing they’re effective for is giving you a headache. We adamantly do not advocate this computer programs.