Reading Comprehension Practice

Here are a collection of reading comprehension practice activities and worksheets I’ve found on various websites around the internet. They make an excellent teacher’s resource.

They’re all sorted into what I consider grade-appropriate categories, though you may not agree with where I placed some activities. You might also want to read our article on reading comprehension games.


Reading Comprehension Practice for Early Readers (Kindergarten through 4th grade)

RHL school – Some very short passages with questions attached.
More Worksheets – This site has activities for all levels.
Alphabetizing, Rhyming, and other basic word skills worksheets – Only useful for very young ages.


Reading Comprehension Activities for Middle Schoolers (5th-8th grade)

Reading Comprehension Practice for Middle School – some intermediate difficulty worksheets
Practice with Proofreading
A daily spelling test


Reading Comprehension Activities for High Schoolers

College Placement Test Examples
Online Reading Test for College Placement
SAT Practice Sentence Completion
SAT Practice Reading Comprehension
All Languages of English Worksheets