A Powerful Tool – Speed Reading is a Life Skill

powerful toolSpeed reading is a powerful tool that people all over the world are trying to learn; and it’s not a difficult skill to learn, either. But you must learn to speed read whilst maintaining or increasing your reading comprehension. If you don’t comprehend whilst you read – then you are wasting your time.

The faster you read, the faster you can tackle any task in your life that requires reading. Think about that. You can study faster and achieve higher grades or more free time. You can perform business tasks faster and get more done. This life skill lets you go further or have more time for other activities – for the rest of your life. Few investments pay back so well!

The question often asked is: You must do which of the following to increase your reading comprehension?

Despite what you may have heard or read, speed reading takes only a few hours to learn; and a few days of light practice before you can almost double your reading speed. All it takes is a basic knowledge of the skills and techniques necessary to increase your reading speed. Following these tips, you can increase speed quite quickly and easily.

As you age, you will naturally increase your speed to a certain point, and then you will generally stagnate, or drop off as you lose practice. Reading, just like running or weight lifting, requires practice and maintenance in order to stay at a high level. Most high school students can average around 300 words per minute at some point, however, higher scoring college-level students have been known to read at the rate of 600 words per minute with high comprehension. In general, adults tend to read around 240 words per minute. This difference seems to be caused by the fact that most adults simply do not have as much contact with the written word as someone still in school would have. The more practice you get, the better.

Increased Reading Speed – What’s In It For You?

Think about all of the benefits that you could have if you were able to increase your reading speed. The fact of the matter is, that if you could read faster, you’d probably be much more interested in reading more books. In fact, recent surveys performed by the American Reading Company state that the number one reason why adults are not interested in reading is that they say that reading simply takes too long. With an increased reading speed, it’s quite possible for you to avoid that major problem.

As for what you can do with an increased reading speed, not only will you read more books, but you will almost certainly be considered a smarter person. Well-read people are always seen as smarter, especially if you can have intelligent conversations about the books you’ve read, or if you can quote from famous authors. You’ll naturally build a larger vocabulary as you read. It has been proven by many anti-standardized-testing organizations that the number one skill that results in increased performance on exams is not the amount of test-taking skills that are taught before the test is administered, but rather that the number of books students have read which determines how high they are likely to score.

Reading is the most important skill that you can learn – A powerful tool

If you’re not reading now, examine why that is. Is it because you simply don’t have time? Are you bored by the slow pace of what you choose to read? Does it take you too long to get through a single book? Any improvement you make in the speed of your reading, you will profit from for the rest of your life! – A sound investment.