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Increasing Reading Speed through Practice with Software

It is difficult to practice speed reading on your own because it is such a difficult skill to measure. We recommend practicing with the help of speed reading computer software that can track your practice. This is helpful for monitoring your progress, and ensuring that you’re doing the activities correctly. We like this software best, because this software will help you develop the skills necessary to do speed reading, like chunking, scanning and eye movement, without wasting your time on silly games or other items. They also track comprehension and speed over time, so you can see if you’re making progress. Learning how to increase reading speed without this help is nearly impossible.

One thing that you could do, if you were adamant about increasing your reading speed without a piece of helpful software, you could start with keeping a journal of your reading speed. Use the internet or books, and your word processor to type up some documents and measure them using the “word count” feature that you can find in each. Print these out and spend one minute reading as far as you possibly can in a single document. After the one minute is up, load the same document in your word processor, highlight up to the exact word you finished on, and fire up the word count feature. This will tell you exactly how many words per minute you read.

This method is far from perfect.

It’s possible for you to “give it all you’ve got” for a single minute and “use up” all your brain power during that short period of time. What then happens is that you have a very inaccurate number of how many words per minute you can actually read. It’s much more accurate to read for five or ten minutes and then use that to determine what your reading speed is. This still has the same problem, however. The best method of measuring reading speed is to read an entire article and measure your time. This is the method that all speed reading programs use, and it’s used simply because it is the best way to do it.

The mathematics is complicated, but doable. Add up all of your time in seconds first and then figure out how many words you’ve read. Multiply the number of words by sixty, and then divide by the number of seconds it took you to read the article. This is the number of words per minute you’ve read.

Simply maintaining a log of your skills won’t help you increase your reading speed alone, but it can help to show you how much you’re improving, and what skills are helping you the most. This is a surprisingly good tool for you to have. Again, software is best, but in lieu of that, this is a great way to start learning to speed read.