Improved Reading Speed Leads to a Successful Study!

reading speed

If you are planning on attending college or taking courses in the near future, you will benefit from increasing your reading speed and comprehension.

Most courses rely heavily on textbooks to convey the information you learn. If your reading speed is slow or your comprehension poor, you are going to be at a disadvantage in your classes.

You want to find out how to increase reading speed and comprehension before you start your college studies.

These tips will help you improve your reading speed that will lead to a successful study.


Reading Speed Tips:


Learn Skimming Techniques

The first tip on how to increase reading speed and comprehension is to learn to skim the material effectively.

When you take a college course, you do not have to master every bit of information included in the text. Instead, you need to pick out the major ideas and key points.

Effective skimming begins with looking through the assigned reading prior to reading it. The titles, headings and subheadings will give you an idea what the reading is about.

To skim, read the first and last paragraph of every section. Then read the first and last few sentences of every paragraph. This will quickly give you a sense of what the reading selection is all about.

Go back and re-read important sections more carefully after you skim.


Formulate Questions

As you read, convert the titles, headings and subheadings into questions that need to be answered. Then as you read each section, identify the answers to these questions. You might even write these answers in your notes to enhance your understanding and comprehension.


Keep Your Eyes Moving

Make sure you keep your eyes moving forward across the text as you read. This helps you to read faster. Do not go back and re-read sections until you finish skimming the entire selection.

To avoid moving your eye backwards, use an index card and place it above the line you are reading. This will prevent your eyes from moving up the page to material you have already read.

Do not highlight as you read. It breaks your reading pace and slows you down.

Learning how to increase reading speed and comprehension will be important as you approach college. The faster you read, the more effective use you can make of your study time. Increased reading comprehension leads to increased mastery of the material. This will yield great results both in terms of good grades and future career success.

College classes are expensive, and you want to make sure you get the most value from classes. Learning how to read quickly with high comprehension will allow you to do this. And, when you’re successful, you will truly enjoy and make the most of your education.