Free Speed Reading Software

Some time ago, I put together a speed reading program and you can download this software for free! It’s not the best speed reading software available by any means but it will get you started today.

This piece of software will do randomly flash bits of text at you while you’re working normally at your computer. The messages appear intermittently, and only for a tiny fraction of a second.

If you practice and run this software often enough, it will really help you increase your eye-reaction speed, which will help you pick up on words faster. It also works your peripheral vision, since you won’t have time to scan across the line of text. If you find that you’re doing a good job of reading the words, then you’re really establishing good habits for speed reading.


Speed Reading SoftwareThe design and operation of this software was based on the Mindzoom software, which is designed to flash subliminal messages at you. While the science of subliminal messages has a long way to go (see this article), we believe that it is an incredibly powerful way of learning to chunk and work peripheral vision. If you end up getting some benefits thanks to the subliminal messages, well, that’s good too I suppose.

While this isn’t the end-all be-all software, it will help you practice some important skills that can’t be learned any other way. And it’s free. So use it.

Download My Free Speed Reading Software Now!

How My Software Works

My software is not going to blow you away with it’s complexity, but it’s pretty cool anyway. Simply download and run it.

It will start to flash small brief messages across your screen. If you can train yourself to quickly identify and read these messages, then you’ll be one step closer to learning how to speed read.

If you want to practice using a more thorough piece of equipment,  read my software reviews.