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Free Speed Reading Test – Tips

Our online speed reading test has 5 different passages. You can take the test as many times as you like, though keep in mind that the more often you are exposed to the same passage, the faster you will read it. So it is recommended that you do each passage once.

Do your first test without using any of the speed reading techniques you normally use.

That will give you a baseline score. Once you have your base number, compare that with a what you get when you start putting these three simple tips in place.

Second attempt: Try using meta-guiding, a technique that

involves you guiding your eyes across the page with your index finger.

If you move your finger just slightly faster than you normally read, then you should notice that your WPM speed increases by around 50 words per minute.

On the third test: Perform the reading as normal, without using meta-guiding, but while you read, mouth the words to a short children’s nursery rhyme, like “Three Blind Mice” or “I’m a Little Teapot”.

While you do this, try to read normally. You should notice your reading speed goes up by a few words per minute. The reason is simple – in doing this, you’re breaking the brain-ear connection. What happens is that when you read, you normally read it “out loud” to yourself in your mind while you’re reading it with your eyes. Since you are used to listening to conversation at a much slower pace than you can read, maintaining this brain-ear connection is very bad for your reading speed. You might notice when you fist start reading this way that your reading comprehension goes down slightly, but it will come back quickly as you practice.

In general, you should try to pick the same nursery rhyme each time you read, since you’ll build a tolerance for it, and after a few weeks of consciously practicing this way, the song will fade away and you won’t need it any longer.

The fourth test: Should be tried using both meta-guiding and with the singing method.

When you first combine the two techniques, you might even go slower, however, this will change, and it will change quickly. Practice speed reading for a week, and see if that helps you when you take the fifth test, which should, again, be taken with all of your speed reading skills in place.

How to Take the Test

When you hit the “start” button, you’ll see text pop up on the screen, and it will be your job to read that text as quickly as you can. When you have finished reading the text, hit the “stop” button, and it will record your time. Doing a quick calculation, it will tell you exactly what your WPM (words per minute) score was. Yes you can cheat – but why?

The average adult score is around 300 WPM for people who have moderate abilities. College students who are considered to be “exceptional” readers have scored more than 800 WPM on online speed reading tests. Here is a chart to help you compare your score. All results were taken from an independent study done on reading speeds of different types of people using this exact same test.

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