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What is the Average Reading Speed?

In today’s hyper-competitive world, reading is about as fundamental skill as there is. In both school and the professional world, being able to read quickly and with good comprehension is essential for success. A person who can read more efficiently and has a higher average reading speed than his or her peers is at a huge advantage.


How Does My Average Reading Speed Compare to Other High School and College Students?


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The following list gives an overview of average reading speeds among young people. Remember, these are only averages and that lots of young men and women read both much slower and much quicker. To be a high-achieving student, above average reading skills are exceedingly beneficial, if not downright mandatory.


  • High School Freshman: 200 words per minute

  • High School Senior: 225-250 words per minute

  • College Freshman: 250 words per minute

  • College Senior: 275-300 words per minute


What Are the Advantages of a Faster Reading Speed?


Having a fast reading speed makes nearly everything you do in your academic career easier and more productive. For instance, studying is enhanced because you can quickly scan your notes and textbooks, leaving more time to focus on actually learning the relevant material.


Can I Improve My Reading Speed?



Most of us waste a substantial amount of time going back over words and phrases that we already read. Known as re-tracking, this process is a needless and a fixable reading speed bump. One easy but effective strategy is to trace what you read, word by word, with the tip of your finger or the point of a pencil. Move your tracing implement along at a steady rate and your eyes will naturally tend to keep up.



This is a fancy word to describe the common practice of pronouncing each world in your head as you read. While you may be sitting in your chair silently, in your mind you’re still “saying” each and every syllable. This could be a result of the fact that we all learned to read out loud back when we were little kids.

While sub-vocalization is normal and nearly everyone does it to some degree, language experts suggest that eliminating it could dramatically boost a person’s average reading speed. The idea is that our minds are capable of processing words faster than we can pronounce them. If we can remove the habit of silently saying each word while reading and, instead, just see and understand the words, the pages will begin to fly by almost automatically.

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Top 100 Books For Teens

Top Teen Books


Practicing the skill of reading books will help anyone increase their reading speed. A really gripping series like Harry Potter can drive teens to read faster and faster.

NPR Books just released their annual teen reading survey results and lists the most popular 100 teen books. Here’s their top 100 list.


top 100 books


Ways to Learn Speed Reading


College life can seem hectic, and sometimes, it may very well be too much so. However, you can quickly and easily remove a lot of the problems that most students face on a daily basis by learning the simple skill of speed reading. If you can learn to read at twice the speed you read currently, you’ll be drastically cutting down on the amount of time you’ll need to spend doing the weekly assignments, and you’ll have plenty more time available for working on the large research projects that make up the largest percentage of your grades, and plenty of opportunities to socialize with friends after class.

How do you learn speed reading? It’s actually rather easy to do, because there are numerous classes or seminars offered nowadays. Your major universities will also likely offer a class in study skills for freshmen, and they will give you a brief overview of speed reading there as well. Some libraries offer classes from time to time, and it will be free at a library, which is a significant advantage. In addition, there are numerous books on the subject of time management and organization which teach speed reading techniques and skills, and even some which focus directly on the topic of speed reading. Many websites also have this information available.

No matter how you choose to learn speed reading, however, the simple fact of the matter is that you have to start learning how to do it sooner rather than later. Once you start college without this necessary ability, you won’t have the time to learn it when you’re there.

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